Error windows

Hi, I am writing from PwC regarding a technical issue in one of the automations that we have developed for this client (SURCO).

The process interacts with an in-house development software (called VyR), programmed in GeneXus (a fourth generation development platform, which auto-generates the source code, and the database model).

The error is titled uwmen190.exe and says “uwmen190.exe stopped working”, “Windows is looking for a solution to the problem …”
Then in a subsequent dialogue it states “The program stopped working correctly due to a problem. Windows will close the program and notify you if there is a solution.”
Then VYR closes, and the automated process’s fault tolerance mechanism retries the activity again.

At a certain moment of the process a pdf file is generated and Windows throws the exception, does an assessment and the application (VYR) finally closes, because there is no solution for the OS.

This does not happen when the user does the process manually.
We have tried to avoid the issue with adding a Delay Activity with no success.

The executable Uwmen190.exe mentioned in the error message corresponds to the main menu of the VyR program. However, the IT manager at SURCO indicated that it would not be an application problem.

We are now at a dead end. We would appreciate your help, to resolve the issue.
Thanks in advance!