Error while trying to run a job


I am getting below error while trying to run a job.
Please help me out.

Hello @muni3789

Can you check whether there are any packages available for the process that you are trying to run?

Go to processes page, and get to details of the process so that you can see the available package versions. Can you share a screenshot of that?

Hi @muni3789

Did you check whether you have mapped the robot as studio or unattended



I had published a package from studio.
I also tried to upload a nugget package and getting error “could not connect to the server (#101)”

Hi @AshwinS2

I had mapped my robot as studio


Can you also show the robots page that is under this category

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,


Hi @muni3789

Is the process assign to robot?


Hi @AshwinS2

I had only one robot in my orchestrator and assigned to my process.

Hi @muni3789


Please guide

Ashwin S

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Hi @muni3789,
Is your computer properly configured and licensed through Orchestrator? You can check it in Management->Machines.
Other thing please check if firewall is not blocking any connection between Orchestrator and Computer.

Hi @Pablito,

I had configured the machine properly and I can see the robots are in available state.
How to check if firewall is blocking or not?

If Robot tray is saying that you are “connected and licensed” and then every (even simple) workflow is unable to work then you can try to disable firewall in windows and check again :slight_smile: