Error While transferring the code from 2019.1.0 version to 2016

Hi All,

I have developed a code using the community edition 2019.1 version. when i am trying to run the code in Version 2016 ( Production server), it is throwing error related to versioning.
Please help me to resolve this issue.

Below is the screenshot of the issue for better understanding.

Thanks in advance.

I believe this would not work.
We do not support forward compatibility.
Projects created with newer versions of Studio might not work with older Robots. For example, a project created in Studio v2018.3 might not work with a v2017.1 Robot.

Thanks for your response.
But the activities i am using are present in both the versions.

Yes but the way things used to work in 2016 and works in later version are changed drastically. Please refer to release guide for more details

Just to add - aside of what @Akash_N_Jain said about the Studio itself, the activities, even though they’re separate, changed too and since core packages have studio version limitations (when big changes happened) you will not be able to use the newest versions in 2016.

Quick example:
ForEach has an additional Index property which will make it not open with old packages.
InvokeWorkflowFile has a Timeout property that will act the same etc.
You could go through all xamls and modify them to fit, but it would still not guarantee working (and at this point you might just rewrite it in 2016).

The fact that activities are named the same, doesnt mean they are the same - changes under the hood that could and did make them work differently will bite you hard.