Error while selecting specific columns

I need to select the columns (Status da Fatura) (Data de Vencimento) (Dias de Atraso) (Parcelamento) (Número da Fatura), I am receiving these values ​​from a screen scrapping, I tried to do a select in the following ways.

dt.Select (“[Status da Fatura]” + “” + “[Valor da Fatura]” + “” + “[Valor em Aberto]” + ““ + ”[Parcelamento]” + "“ + ”[Número da Fatura]”)

(From row in dt.AsEnumerable() select row(“Status da Fatura”)).ToArray()

of the two forms is giving error, can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @Beatriz,

Based on my understanding you have 10 columns in your datatable and you want only 5 columns in your new datatable.

If my understanding is correct use the below expression and store the output in datatable and the resulted table will be having only these 5 columns along with data


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Hi @Beatriz,

You have all columns in data table right then take as per column names what you want
Use for each row & get