Error While running python script

I am facing issue while running python code.
I am using python scope> inside run python script>then running 1 file
1st i tried with basic python code. it is running fine.
then i am getting system.aggregateException.

Can some one has used spacy by using python?

Note:-I ran manually it is working fine.

hello @praveenmysuru

can you share the workflow?


@praveenmysuru, your dependencies are inside the function? Put them inside the functions are then try.


workflow seems fine. i am not using any complex thing. this is just normal py file. only thing i am adding is “import spacy”.

i am not even calling the function. just importing spacy lib inside .py file. it is running fine when we ran manually but failing with uipath

Your file must have a function. and you need to call that function from the UiPath. @praveenmysuru