Error while retrieving value from Excel

About the bug: Retrieving value from excel having an issue
Scenario: Trying to read the config file value form excel. Value in excel contains formula

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a value in excel =“Emerging_Data_” & TEXT(TODAY(), “yyyymmdd”) & “.xls”
  2. save the excel.
    2.Read the excel value into new dictionary as key value pairs.
  3. Display the value.
    Result: File name in excel is different from file name displayed by uipath

Current Behavior: Wrong file name (Emerging_Data_20190018.xls) display by uipath i.e month value is not displaying properly

Expected Behavior:correct filename(Emerging_Data_20190518.xls) should be displayed

Version of the software with the bug:
Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2019.4.2/ Community edition

Activity Package Version (when relevant):

Sample process (packaged as a zip file): Attached

(workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

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Buddy @Pavan_Gunda

Welcome to uipath community buddy

you know something, you were almost right buddy just change this alone buddy
“Emerging_Data_” & TEXT(TODAY(), “yyyyMMdd”) & “.xls”
The reason is mm denotes minute and MM denote month
thats y buddy
Kindly try this and let know buddy whether this works or not
Cheers @Pavan_Gunda

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did that work buddy @Pavan_Gunda

Thanks Buddy it is working fine.
One thing i dint understand here is …in excel mm shows as current month and value is perfect. However, why it is treating as minutes while reading the value and displaying it from uipath.

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Buddy @Pavan_Gunda
This could help you buddy…
In excel
Format numbers as dates or times - Office Support

In uipath

Cheers @Pavan_Gunda

I dint see an option to close this thread. Can you please tell me how to close it

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Buddy it will be there in left side of the like button in the comment buddy @Pavan_Gunda

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