Error while retrieving data from Excel

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The above changes is getting error Sir where it’s getting double time of case type and case no.

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Use the following activities -

**Excel Application Scope**
  --**Read Range Activity** to read the data from the Excel and saved to DataTable say DT
End of **Excel Application Scope**

Use For Each Activity to read one row at a time.
Create the following variables in Variables Panel
strCaseType, Data type : String
strCaseNo, Data type : String
strYear, Data type : String

For Each row in DT
    Assign Activity, strCaseType = row(0).ToString
    Assign Activity, strCaseNo = row(1).ToString
    Assign Activity, strYear = row(2).ToString

    //Add a sequence to enter these values into a website
     Use Type Into activities

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Hi KarthikByggari Sir,

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