Error while orchestrator upgrade- Azure WebApp

How to troubleshoot parameter related errors while upgrading the orchestrator in WebApp?

The article is relevant for troubleshooting parameter-related issues.

If the first attempt to upgrade the orchestrator from PowerShell fails, it starts throwing parameter missing error or wrong parameter binding error. e.g-

Resolution: Please provide all the parameters which is causing this issue from the existing web.config/configuration settings of the WebApp and run the script again.

Note: If you are providing the repository type then pass the dependent parameters as well like for composite, pass the parameters for storage type and location.

Sample Script:
.\Publish-Orchestrator.ps1 -action Update -unattended -package “.\” -stopApplicationBeforePublish -azureSubscriptionId “6852b317-38b49-5a56d8f1ff31” -azureAccountTenantId “b1ded7b5-aabb-9f4ce26456a0” -azureAccountApplicationId “aa46c868-ea75-447aa7bed71ef” -azureAccountPassword “Mx5NUQRf[uoHZxAnLCx:” -resourceGroupName “RPA” -appServiceName “sh-orchestrator” -appSettings @{“Webhooks.Enabled”=“false”; “Telemetry.Enabled”=“false”} -NuGet.Packages.ApiKey “aeb9a464b8c-b798-5f4a60fef54b” -NuGet.Activities.ApiKey “aeb9a466-23fc8-5f4a60fef54b” -nugetRepositoryType “Composite” -storageType “FileSystem” -storageLocation “RootPath=.\Storage” -verbose