Error while launching


I’m trying to launch my program through UiPath Studio but a pop-up error is showing. It says that I need a licence to launch process.

I’m using the community version and the installation of UIPath was so difficult. The internet configuration (proxy) of my company blocked all the api used by the setup to activate the licence. So I switched with my personnal connection using my phone. I was able to activate the licence and then I switched again on the company connection.

So the licence is supposed to be setup and launching are working while i’m not connected to the company network, but keeps failing while I am.

Any idea?


Hi @R4ID,
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One of the requirements for Community Edition is to have internet connection for Studio. Each Studio run it is checking the license from the server.

Hello @Pablito , thanks for your reply.

Is there any way to configure the proxy inside uipath ?

Hope this will help: