Error while executing in AWS

Hi everyone

Please help me to solve my issue related in AWS.

We have developed a workflow to Login into a website and download the bills for multiple accounts.
This workflow is developed in our local desktop. we have used find element, element exists,click action activities.
while we are doing testing in our local desktop it is working seamlessly but the same workflow while we run on AWS we are facing issues.
Below are the issues that we are facing in AWS.

  1. Activity exceeds time out.(We have also tested by increasing the delays.)
  2. Time outreach.
  3. Uipath is not able to find the element.

Please, anyone, suggest what would be the possible reason for failure?



Are you running in remote System or local desktop ?

Could you please check selectors once.


Thanks for your quick response dear.

I have installed unattended bot on AWS .

And iam executing a job from orchestrator through desktop machine.

If selector is not valid then it should give an error in local machine too.

But in local machine it is working seamlessly.