Error While Enabling Triggers In Orchestrator

Error while enabling triggers in Orchestrator.

For multinode environment, the Storage.Location needs to be configured to use a shared folder which is usually from some other shared storage device or server (depends on your own storage solution).

Perform the below:

  1. Take a backup of your node VMs before doing change
  2. Setup a shared storage device and create a folder for Orchestrator store usage
  3. Stop IIS to make sure no new data is generating during the change below
  4. Copy all the files from current local storage folders to the new shared folder
  5. On both Orchestrator nodes, make sure the login user and IIS_IUSRS group has the full access to the shared folder
  6. Update the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file to change value of Storage.Location to be the shared folder path
  7. Open a command with administrator, run IISRESET command to restart IIS.

Contact the IT team for further assistance.