Error while debugging code in studio - Cannot create unknown type ‘{}InArgument({clr-namespace:RestSharp;assembly=RestSharp}JsonObject)’

Hi Guys,

I am facing below error while debugging code in studio, I could run/debug it properly before I published the package to orchestrator, started facing this error post that. Any initiatives would highly be appreciated! Thank you!

Invoke DiaplayUserform workflow: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}InArgument({clr-namespace:RestSharp;assembly=RestSharp}JsonObject)’.

Please check if the dependency packages used in Studio have been downloaded to the Robot environment (%userprofile%.nuget). Downloading may not be possible due to network settings such as being offline or using a proxy.

Also, which version of the UiPath Studio/Robot are you using?
Do you have a proxy on the impacted machine?
How do you install the robot (User Mode or Service Mode)?