Error while Data scraping and Continue till end

So as I’m scraping data from website and I did it successfully!

And now the question is, what if in any case I get any error and my execution stopped. What should I have to do in this case?
If the project stopped then I can’t execute bot again. I need to continue the execution of my bot till the end.

hope this will give you a clear idea of what I’m trying to say.

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Hi and welcome @ifenilpatel

why can’t you execute it again it shouldn’t be a problem!
But if you want to prevent any error you should use the Try/cath Activity and use log fields!
Reach out to me if you fixed it or if you have any more questions I’m here!


hi @BjrnUitenbroek thanks for your reply
execution, not a problem but I guess it will take much time so I don’t want to execute again.
I’m new in uipath so I’m a bit confused and I’m having so many questions.
i’ll try first try catch block.

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So welcome than @ifenilpatel

the execution itself should not take long, the try catch is maybe a bit to complicate for you right now if you just started!

Ask all your questions i will awnser them if i can!