Error while Clicking on Excel sheet


When I’m clicking on excel sheet to activate it, It is throwing an error
(Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions.)
So anyone please suggest it


Please refer to this post : "Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI action" error while running Lesson 2 Practice 1

You mean you using click activity to click on excel sheet?
If the answer is yes, then you should not make it like that.

You should use write range or read range activity, then you input your excel sheet name on those activities. So the write range activity can write on your excel sheet and the read range activity can read from your excel sheet.

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Hi @wija,

I’m trying to copy table data from RDP into an Local system excel.That’s why using click activity to activate the excel and then pasting into it. But the problem is when I’m trying to click on excel, it was showing an error of (Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions).

click activity to activate the excel means “click to open the excel”?

I’m clicking to transfer control over excel


If you only need to write data from table then you don’t require Click activity.

Just take ‘Write Range’ activity and pass your datatable as input.

It will automatically write data if you provide appropriate excel application scope.

Hi @Rahul_S

  • I’m working in RDS, so unable to use data scraping activity to scrape the table data.
    When using write range activity, it is saving the table data into a single cell.
    Hence Copying the table data by send hotkey (copy) and pasting into the Local desktop excel.
    Unable to click on excel to activate it.
  • To activate the Excel sheet, use click image activity with Excel icon inside Retry scope.
  • In Condition, give Image exist with excel logo