Error when using indicate when a class value is not available

Hi ,

I have started using uipath for the past two days. I am reading from an excel sheet and loading to a web page and progress has been good.

I am stuck on the following scenario. I have a bs-datepicker that is used to enter dates. I have been able to get the date from the data in the sheet, separate the day,month & year parts. Automating the selection of the month and year I have no issues.

The day is where the issue is. The control looks like the below,


On using the inspect tool on chrome, which shows this for the 29th of May,

i notice the following for 29th of April,

<td role="gridcell" class="ng-star-inserted" uipath_custom_id="111">
	<span bsdatepickerdaydecorator=""

This is for 29th of May,

<td role="gridcell" class="ng-star-inserted" style="">
	<span bsdatepickerdaydecorator="" class="">29</span>

As you can see the difference between the two is that the span class is an empty string for 29th May which i am guessing is the error when i am getting when attempting to indicate on screen 29th of May,

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 5.45.23 PM

In fact i get the same error when tring to indicate all elements for the active month, which is May in this case.

Any tips on how i can get around this ?

Thank you

As suspected the issue was the class.

So when setting the class like so ,

class = ‘’

makes it work perfectly

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