Error when UiPath query Oracle which table's name is Japanese

We used UiPath to connect to Oracle Database, and then executed query on a table whose name is: RPAテーブル

We tried all cases but non-success including:

Case 1: This query produce error ORA-0091
select * from RPAテーブル

Case 2: This query produce error ORA-00942
select * from "RPAテーブル"

All of these queries provide correct result when being executed on SQLDeveloper or SQLPlus.

If we printed above SQL queries statement by using activity “Write Line”, then, the output was correct, all the characters were fully printed without any error.

By the way this query works well:
select * from RPA_Table

We are in more confuse because quries which contain Japanese character in “where” clause are executed successfully. E.g:
select * from RPA_Table where name = '名古屋’

We think that tables whose name contain Japanese character(s) will produce error, while tables whose name contain only LATIN characters are fine.

Could you please provide any suggest on this issue?

Upated on July 18th, 2018: I attached here more pictures about this bug.

This error is shown when using ODBC

This error is shown when using “System.Data.OracleClient”

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