Error when trying to use "ItemInformationCollection" in Add Queue Item - error is “Add Queue Item: queueItemParameters must not be null Error code: 0”

My error is “Add Queue Item: queueItemParameters must not be null Error code: 0”

I got a JObject which im deserializing to an Dictionary<String, Object> which works fine. But when I’m trying to add that dictionary to the ItemInformationCollection to the input in “Add Queue Item” it fails when trying to upload the queue item to the orchestrator Queue with the errormessage given above.

My workflow, shortened:
AddJObjectToQueue.xaml (9.7 KB)

My JObject:

            "journalpostId": 135406,
            "journalpostnr": "2023/49-6",
            "journalpostUrl": "https://fmephtest2.fylkesmannen.local/ElementsFMINT/rm/FMNIT_TEST/#nav=/cases/33410/registryEntries/135406",
            "lopenr": "98/2023",
            "tittel": "Test - RPA - mangler dokument",
            "offentligTittel": "Test - RPA - mangler dokument",
            "statusId": "E",
            "dokumentDato": "2023-03-01T00:00:00",
            "opprettetDato": "2023-03-01T14:07:12",
            "endretDato": "2023-03-01T14:07:13",
            "journalDato": "2023-03-01T00:00:00",
            "dokumentTypeId": "U",
            "dokumentTypeNavn": "Utgående brev",
            "dokumentkategoriId": null,
            "dokumentkategoriNavn": null,
            "tilgangskodeId": null,
            "hjemmel": null,
            "unntattOffentlighet": false,
            "restanse": false,
            "saksansvarligBrukernavn": "FMTLMMH",
            "saksansvarligNavn": "Marit Myhre Hanssen",
            "adminEnhetKortnavn": "FMFA-INN",
            "adminEnhetNavn": "Fylkesmennenes fellesadministrasjon Innlandet",
            "avsenderMottaker": "Hamar kommune",
            "antallVedlegg": 0,
            "dokumenter": [],
            "avsenderMottakere": [
                    "id": 331081,
                    "navn": "Hamar kommune",
                    "adresse": "Postboks 4063",
                    "postnummer": "2306",
                    "poststed": "HAMAR",
                    "epost": "",
                    "untattOffentlighet": false,
                    "forsendeslesStatus": null,
                    "nasjonalIdentifikator": "970540008",
                    "erPerson": false


ItemInformationCollection expects only the specific content or the queue item data only to be present.

It would not qccept any complex json. And also it should not contain any other information other than the specific content data

Hope this helps


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Hmm, ok. If im understanding this correctly, my issue is this variable in my Json?


May I know how your queue item information looks…depending on that your json should be there…and yes the structure you found now is an issue even if you want to add you cannot as it can accept only key value pairs not any key value in which value contains again some other key value pairs

Say in your wueue if you are looking to add id and name of persone then your json should contain only those two keys and the values corrsponding to it.

Hope this is clear


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