Error when trying to connect to a SFTP server with a private key and without password

Hi @Ilya_Kochetov
This time realy works.
I’ve converted the ppk key using puttygen

Thank you for your support.
Have a nice and safe day!


How can we get this on nuget feed because we are not allowed to any unofficial resources?
Can we not have this updated soon?

I don’t know unfortunately, I am not connected to the maintainers of this package in any way.

Hello @Mugur @CristianDan @Pouzee ,

I have created a custom component for this do try it out & let me know if it helps:

Kudos, Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hello @shantanu.khaladkar,

I have created a custom component for this that’s published in UiPath Marketplace (with Trusted Source Badge) & is available on the market place nuget feed ( do try it out & let me know if it helps:

Kudos ! Hope that helps :slight_smile:


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Thank you Nitin for response. But, client support only licensed and Official activities.
I have raised support ticket with UiPath. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

Hi Nitin, i managed to get it working with the 2.12 version, but i will have a look over the weekend and let you know how it went.


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Hi llya,

Can you please guide me how to connect using private key.

I have public key and private key files in c drive.

client certificate path – I am passing private key.But I am getting error invalid private key.
Please can you help me how to resolve this issue.

Dear @BalaManikanta_007, please refer to the topic above. With new version of SFTP activity and the right key format (RSA) you will be able to connect just fine

Without opening putty gen GUI application is it possible to convert the .ppk file or .pem file to uipath desired format?.

If Yes - Can you provide the sample .xaml and explain the process.

I have searched but i could not find out the required information.

Hi @monish06!
This is very much outside of UiPath so you’ll not find this information on or forums. The format we use is just one of the world-wide accepted standards and you could easily find information you need online.

I’m not aware of Windows commands line tools not you could use openssl for convertation on Linux.

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