Error when starting xaml in command line

I had to restart the PC and I’m trying to restart the xaml from the command line, but I’m getting an error message:
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

I tried closing UiRobot.exe from task manager, but it didn’t mane any difference. Actually it made the problem worse I think. I had to reinstall Uipath.

I tried also to use Process Explorer, but I don’t see any application using main.xaml.

From Process Explorer I see a list of processes when searching for uipath, but all seem to be related to UiRobot.exe

Any ideas on the best way to resolve this error?

did you ever try to schedule the bot via “Task Scheduler”.I feel like u have created the new task and trying to run the “Main.xaml” file .

Could you please check are there any task created for that associated file.

No, never tried the “Task Scheduler” previously

@ddpadil , do you have any other suggestions? I’m getting mad trying to find a way to move forward on this


sorry mate :frowning: I don’t have any other suggestion to get rid of that error.
But all i know is you trying to schedule/run the specific .xaml workflow and your doing it via CMD.
As you said you never tried with “Task Scheduler” why don’t you give a try.
Please refer below link to do so.

May be its the UiRobot.exe file itself having the conflict and not the Xaml?

Thanks for the link. I just tried ‘Task Scheduler’ but I can not make it work. It is strange as I can see the status ‘Running’ but UiPath doesn’t really start.

I’m attaching the task. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong (1015 Bytes)

before you run the scheduler have you publish the workflow?
and i can also see that workflow you attached in Xml format not in .Xaml.
Please attach the right one.
Thank you.

@vvaidya, yes, I think you might be right. I tried to use other xaml files and I got the same error. I don’t know how to resolve this thought. I I close the process through ‘Task Manager’ I get another error message:

Also, if I try to start UiPath I get the following error message:

I need to reinstall UiPath to be able to open Uipath. Still, after reinstalling the cmd command is not working

@ddpadil, I was using the xaml not a published workflow. I published the workflow and I created a new task in the ‘Task Scheduler’ but it didn’t work either.

The xml file I attached is the file created from the ‘Task Scheduler’ not the xaml workflow. I’ve sent the xml task so that you could see how the task was configured, in case I missed something there.

@vvaidya, I tried also to use ‘handle.exe’ based on this article in StackOverflow, but it shows as not handles found

No luck with ‘tasklist’ either:

I’m not exactly sure @selrac. May be you should call you network guy and have him look into it.

I found the problem:

I left the ‘c:>’ when I copied.:confused:

Hope it helps someone else