Error when running WF with read CSV Activity on remote machine

Hello all.
I recently made my first WF containing Read CSV activity.
Running it on my local machine it works perfectly, but running it through ORC on a remote machine creates an error.

After some time of testing, i figured out it was because of the read CSV activity
Then I make a simple test WF to be sure, and correctly it also fails.


I made a workaround using read text file and regex matching instead, but i would still like to figure out what’s wrong.

For some reason, my remote machine don’t know a type used by the read CSV activity.
The remote machine does not have Studio installed, only robot.exe.

How do i fix this, and how do i make sure it doesn’t happen again with other activities? :S
Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Error message:


Hi @Konrad,

Are you using the same version of the package on your local machine and on the remote one?


indeed i am

I reuploaded the project (and assigned it correctly in ORC) 3-4 times just to be sure.

Also the very simple WF that i posted above, was freshly made for the purpose of this test, and so have no other versions