Error when renaming a sequence file (ex. calulateSum.xml >> calculateSum.xml)

I’m trying to rename a misspelled sequence, but whatever I try I get an error as the Invoke workflow is looking for the old name.

What I did:

  1. Enter misspelled file name “CalulateSum”.
  2. Noticed misspelling. Renamed the file name “CalculateSum.xml”.
  3. Tried to change the file name under ‘Workflow file name’.
    Result: Error
  4. Tried to remove old InvokeWorkflowFile and insert a new one and attach to the file.
    Result : I still get the error that the workflow is looking for the old file name.
  5. Renamed it back to “CalulateSum”.

Do I really need to re-create the file from scratch to make it work?

Can you share with us the sample project in order to test it internally?

I am in the middle of the Video demo - Invoke workflow file and arguments, so it’s the tiny project from there.


Invoke Workflow and (75.7 KB)

Have you had a chance to look at the problem?


I tried to replicate your behavior internally, but I am not facing the same issue in UiPath Studio Enterprise Edition 2022.4.4.


After renaming the CalulateSum.xaml in the Project section to Calculate.Sum.xaml, the Workflow file name was changed automatically to Calculate.Sum.xaml in the Invoke Workflow and arguments activity.


Conclusion: You may try this new stable version of UiPath Studio.

Let us know if this helped.

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Ok, thanks. I only have the community edition, but it is v2022.4.4.

Update: Maybe my problem arose from some cache problem or something, as it now worked for me too after starting Studio and loading up the project again.

Thanks for your time and help.

Thanks for the udpate.

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