Error when publish uipath file on the remote server

Hi all

I have a problem that all my code works good on my local pc, but when i publish it on the remote server and run, it always has different errors every time.

The program can finish without exceptions, but my spreadsheet always loses data, and the data losed are different every time, sometimes is one record on a summary list, sometimes is the whole sheet’s content.

I have tried to rerun it again and again
I have tried to re publish it again and agian
I have tried to add more “save workbook”

But they all cannot work it out.

And my another program which is quite similar with this one works good on my remote server, so my server is fine.

Anyone has any idea how to solve this?

Help!!! Help!!!

saved by adding delays, because the bot on the remote server is fast, but excel is slow, so sometimes the excel haven’t got data input, the bot already execute next line.

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