Error when I am creating a new trial tenant

Hello everybody.

My first Automation Hub trial expired.

I am trying to create a new tenant but I couldn´t. Every time showed me a error message (please see below).

I am using differents kinds of emails e tenant names.

Thank you!

José Arthur

Hello @jarthurbrasileiro,

That error is usually shown when not accepted characters are being used in the fields for Creating a trial. Can you please confirm you are respecting the indications listed here?

  • The following information is already filled in: First and Last Name, email address. Take into account that the dot (.), and the comma (,) characters, as well as diacritical marks such as accents (é) or dots (ü) are not accepted.
  • Type in the Company Name . Take into account that special characters apart from the exclamation mark (!), the dot (.), and the dash (-) are not accepted.
  • Select the Company Location from the drop-down list.
  • The following character limitations apply:
    • Company Name: maximum of 24 characters;
    • Admin User’s First Name: maximum of 20 characters;
    • Admin User’s Last Name: maximum of 30 characters.

Alternatively, please send me in a private message a snapshot of the data you are putting in this screen.



Dear Iulia,

Done! Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Best regards.

José Arthur

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