Error when get the end date from excel

I am trying to pass the excel start date and end date to the webpage.

The excel context in as show below:


Then, the date and month in excel file and output in my wegpage are reverse. So, i use this function as well: Date.ParseExact(“dd/mm/yyyy”,strDate.ToString.Trim,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“mm/dd/yyyy”) to reverse the date and month.

But, when i try use this function in both start date and end date, only start date can give me the output while end date give me this error:


and here is my workflow:


Can anyone pls help me? Thanks.

might be you will get something idea from this

Hi @jiejie,

can you try valstart.tostring(“MM/dd/yyyy”) and valend.tostring(“MM/dd/yyyy”)


@srishsai i try but error.

@jiejie Here you go (17.6 KB)

@indra thanks…

@indra may i knw what is this error? Problem click image?


@jiejie Please Check with click image activity



@jiejie Can you attach your workflow and specify what you are trying to achieve from the above screen shot I think error is not from the selectors

@indra 04 005 006 07
08 09 1

My workflow as about. I try to get the date from excel file and i press submit button. After i submit, the report file will download. Then i will move the download file to c file. And i want to click This Pc to open the c file.

@jiejie For moving file instead of click you can use move file activity know
Refer this for moving files.

@indra i knw . even after i move file, i also need to click “This PC” , because i need to rename report name, but cannot click into “This PC”

@jiejie Have you tried with click image activity

@indra yes , i try and it work if only like this.


For opening ‘This PC’ you can also use Send Hotkeys activity. Use Win + E

Or to directly go to a path in C folder, you can use Win + R with Send Hotkeys activity, which will open the run command, where you can paste the folder name and hit enter

Was wondering… you need not open the folder location to open the excel file. You can directly use the Excel application scope activity.

Also you can use the Copy File activities to ‘move and rename’ the file at the same time.
Source : "C:\Users\Username\Downloads\YourOldFileName.xlsx"
Destination : "C:\MyFolder\YourNewFileName.xlsx"

These may ease your life, if at all you struggling with UI

Refer this :

@kaderms even i use send hotkey “Win +E” , it also show the same error

and i use second way as u said

it also show me same error:

@kaderms and if i directly use Excel Application Scope, and i try to click the image in excel file, it also show me this error:

I am not sure what are the steps you are following and where you face the issue.
Can you please list down the steps that you are trying to do and at which step you face the issue? Looking at a portion of your workflow doesn’t give the complete picture.
If possible please share your workflow file with the necessary steps too.

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