Error when execution "Process" flow on Activity 1 of Advanced Development Training


My flow is going to “Invalid Input” activity due to the values I am getting on my variables as following:

This is the definition of my variables

and this is how I am doing the assignment

Thanks in advance for any input you might be able to provide

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You must get the item information from the transaction item.

While adding queue item you might have added CashIn item information.

You should retrieve the same as follows -


Similarly you can get the other data.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks for your help, I have tried your suggestion and now I am getting “null” as the value for each item, could you please advise.


Before that you should add item information while adding the queue item.

In the properties, click on item information and add as shown in the below screenshot. Screenshot is for reference and not the actual data.

Send the below data and follow the same for other inputs too.

Name: CashIn
Direction: In
Type: Integer
Value: Actual value from excel (eg., row(“CashIn”))


Karthik Byggari


Hi Karthik,

For that I have a separate process which has been executed before. This process (following image) reads an excel spreadsheet and publishes the content of the rows into the Queue.

Thanks for any additional input you might be able to provide.

I found the issue and it was; as you correctly pointed out, in the publisher.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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