Error when creating pivot table

Sure thing.

so please send excel and code in mail. I will run and update you tonight

Some of the information is sensitive so I will remove certain columns, ok?

Ok so please mention in code where are you using so I can skip that part.

While I am getting clearance to share this file with you, I may have found the cause of the issue. As you saw in the video I shared, the process opens a small window within excel in order to set the rules for the conditional formatting. For some reason, when that window is closed (and the following activities are still within the “Use Excel File” activity) the excel file becomes “read-only”. I have double checked the properties of the “Use Excel File” activity and the “read-only” box is not checked. Why might this be happening?

I have sent you the files. Please let me know if you are able to find any potential solutions.