Error w/OCR "OCR Error System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null."

Hello we are getting an error that on occasion results in a OCR file read and process job to hang up, we have seen it hang for 16+ hours before we kill it. When I cancel the job the attached error (below) is what is in Orchestrator, but I am not sure this is the root issue.

I have searched the forums and see folks say that you need to make sure the argument or variable are not null, and the passed variable is not null as we log it before we start the OCR read and see the file name prior to the OCR activity processing.

The processes only hangs on occasion, about 1 out of 14,000 reads. But this creates a backlog for us.

I have toyed with creating a parallel process where the OCR is in one process and a “check” process in the other that would throw an error to break the OCR hang up. But I am not sure I have this right.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks