Error uploading .zip file in Oficial Certification Exam (UiPath Certification Platform)

Hi there,

I was doing the Oficial Certification Exam. First, I’ve passed the theorical exam. Then I was making the practical exam and when I was going to upload my .zip file with all the results, the web page said: “Please, upload a .zip file” … and it was already a .zip file… I tried with other extensions like .rar or .7z but I just couldnt upload any file.

Now, I’ve been evaluated with: “Failed criteria: Missing file or user”. Also, now I just have 2 more tries to make the practical exam, and moreover now my final score will be deducted.

Its not my fail, and now I am seeing myself impacted by the webpage error. ¿something like this has happened to someone?

At least, since it is not my mistake, they should not discount me tries of the exam, and neither deduct the score for the next time I do it.



Hi Pablo, the same thing happened to me. I have placed a ticket and I am waiting for an answer. I was able to send the file in 7z format (or so I think) because it gives me the same evaluation “Failed criteria: Missing file or user”

Hi @Victoria, there was a limit in the uploading of few MB. I told them it and bingo! there was a limit.

In my case, making test, the flow failed and generated some screenshots which their size made the .zip weight like 20-30MB so, when I was going to upload my file, it failed as I said.

So, if you have sent a ticket asking Uipath team, they will answer you asking for send the .xaml (I guess) and then, you will be evaluated.



Thank you pablo. I am waiting for their answer, hopefully it will be solved sending the .xaml

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You are welcome my friend @Victoria

I’m learning UiPath. I’ve already done Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 - Advanced training (with Framework) and today I passed the theoretical part for the Certificate. I would like to ask if the practical part of exam consists of two tasks? Are these tasks more difficult or easier than in Level 3. I do not know if I am ready for a practical exam ;), any hints?


Hi NikaMD

Review everything and if you have done all 3 levels, you are ready.

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