Error uploading Library package to orchestrator


I’m trying to upload a library to an orchestrator and I’m getting error

Invalid package details! (#1654)

The origin is an orchestrator 22.10.4 and the destination an orchestrator 20.10.2

The error details are:

—> UiPath.Orchestrator.NuGet3.Server.FeedException: Uploaded content is not a valid NuGet archive: Unsupported targetFramework value ‘net6.0-windows7.0’.
—> System.IO.InvalidDataException: Unsupported targetFramework value ‘net6.0-windows7.0’.

Is there any alternative? the unique solution is to upgrade the version of target orchestrator (20.10.4) (Compile the package with other options is not possible, i need to upload the same package)

Thank you very much


Have a view on this docs

Managing Libraries.


Finally I found de solution.
I have to compile the library and upload it directly from Studio and not export/import between orchestrators.
Thank you very much

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