Error Type Into When Use Console login

When I use robot setting on Login Console = False, the process can run activities Type Into.
When I use roobt setting on login console = True, the process can’t run activities Type into, its get error time out reached.

This error just happen only use console login, if i use RDP the process can run normaly.

please help i want to my process runing normaly without RDP.


Have you checked SimulateType or SendWindowMessage options in properties of Type Into activity or not ?

If not then check any of the option and then try once.

I have use both of that option, for simulateType cannot send keystroke (in my type into activity added “enter” keystroke).
Sendwindowsmessage is not working on RDP and Console.

i have try all of option in type into activity.

i change the type into to double click activity. its have same problem.
i think this problem because the uipath config.
this is my uipath settings