Error trying to do a queue

Error trying to do a queue

I’m having an error when trying to do a queue (Excercise Get all invoices from ACME)
The error message says: The operation has timed out. at Source: Add Queue Item

The activitie of queue Item

Here there is a picture of Queue in Orchestrator.

Please your help to find any solution.


Hi @fcomorales.sanchez

Check whether the robot is connected to orchestrator or not

It mostly happens because network issues


Usually this occurs when there is a connection problem between your robot and Orchestrator, check the connection is fine with Orchestrator

Hope this helps you


I’ve checked and the uipath assistant is connected to the orchestrator.

Is there any way to check or test this connection?


@fcomorales.sanchez check the “Resources” window in studio to check whether the Asset is showing up or not. This might help.
Another thing is check the Folder the studio is connected to, Ref this image image
This should be the same folder where the asset is created. BTW, which version of Studio and Ochestrator are you using?

Hi @vijays
Uipath Shows me Default in green. I’ve created the Queue in the “Default” folder of Orchestrator. I’m using 2020.10.2 version in uipath.