Error: “To execute processes, please activate license”

Getting this error.
“To execute processes, please activate license”
Already activated the standalone license online and activated the product with the license key

This error appears usually, when a license has expired, or is deactivated. If not then
Please delete the Licensing folder, found in the Uipath directory, located in %programdata%, and try again the activation steps.

I got the new license today…

Tried deleting license folder and activating it again.
But same error.

I believe you installed enterprise edition and trying to activate. Please let me know the installation directory?

Hi @ankanjain

See this post for the solution :slight_smile:

(it’s at the very bottom of the post, it’s to update the UiAutomation package)

This is resolved with new license key…

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: Happy automating

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