Error thrown when Building DataTable

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When i’m using **Build Data Tablactivity getting an error. After creating of columns im entering to the data, getting error. some one resolve this .see the error image ]

Can you share your workflow so that we can advise you better

Lets see im uploading Images,

After adding value in Age, im pressing Tab or enter then Im getting that error and im not able creating new row

Hi Reddy,

I am not sure what is wrong in your code and it is working fine for me. I have attached workflow please go through it.

HariMain.xaml (5.9 KB)

@harinathReddy, instead of S.No if i write “Name”, it is Working. if i write S.No it will get error

It should accept bro, share your XAML I can check and let you know.

Hi ,
You should not use below mentioned spl characters in Column names.

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Yes, That’s Correct Bro, after erasing special characters its is working. Thanks for response.

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