Error: The expression contains undefined function call 'xyz()

hello guys

facing an issue while running this command in assign.

Error: This expression contains undefined function call 'xyz().

Do i need to use replace function?

ConsolidatedDT=ConsolidatedDT.Select("[Account Name] = ‘xyz’ and [Bill Account Name] = ‘xyz (PTY) LTD’").CopyToDataTable()

Please help me out!

Thank You

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Hi @AryanSingh
Fine we can mention that value in this way
save that value xyz (PTY) LTD to a variable named value1 of type string
and use like this select method
ConsolidatedDT.Select("[Account Name] = ‘xyz’ and [Bill Account Name] = ’ " + value1 + " ’ ").CopyToDataTable()



thanx @Palaniyappan issue resolved

Cheers @AryanSingh

i have some more thing to ask

first i want to extract a single whole column and create new DT with this column

and i want to use this new DT to loop through the old DT and calculate the sumof another column named ‘Invoice Excl Vat Amt’ in the old DT


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