Error showing on Studio Pro but not on Studio

Hey guys,

I wrote a simple For Each file in a Folder, return Name
However, on Studio Pro (trial version) on my machine. It is giving me errors. Notice, the path i have to double backlash to go through.

However, if you replicate the sequence on another machine with Studio (licensed) and there is no error & able to compile just fine.

Is there a reason for this?


Note: I double checked the Dependencies to be the same version across the board.


Can you check the scope of the variables?


Both are Objects. I double-checked this as well.
I uninstalled the studioX and reinstall Studio and it worked as intended on my machine.

I will try StudioX again and report back.

I figured out the issue, My machine project was set under C# code base. The other one was set under VB. Tested on Studio Pro again with VB and it worked. No issue with platform, just a simple code base change.

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