Error showing in thus document understanding project

when i am dragging the digitize document to my design panel, this error is showing. i have 2 documents , one is invoice(pdf file) and other is an receipt(image file).what could be the possible solution?

did you try reopening your project?
also if you create a new project and drag that activity, it shows as well?


yes brother,i reopened the project. still it is showing.

Hi @ydash999

have you tried updating all the Project Dependencies packages, try closing the entire studio and re-launch it.


in other project when i drag digitize doc, there is no problem

is the project setting ok??kindly check

Yes the Project settings seems to be alright.

@ydash999 Try to update the package in the current workflow and check once since it looks like some dependencies were missing (from the screenshot)

updated all the dependencies and restarted the uipath studio. still same problem persists

what dependencies are missing?
these are the dependencies…

@ydash999 , there could be some glitch, please try using in Different project sequence .

That could work.


@ydash999 Can you please downgrade the UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activtites to 5.0.2 and try once

i deleted the document understanding. orchestrator package and now it is working!!

it is in 5.4.1 and it is working now. i think the problem was in documentunderstanding. orchestrator package

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