Error: Schedule for process could not be started. Undefined robot

I am trying to schedule a process using the orchestrator. I am getting the error everytime the cycle runs: Error: Schedule for process could not be started. Undefined robot.

I have followed the following steps so far:

  1. Connected the UiPath Robot to the Orchestrator using the robot key and machine name.
  2. Added the robot to a test environment.
  3. Published the project.
  4. Defined the process.
  5. Now I am trying to schedule this process at the recurrence of every minute.

My account for login to the orchestrator is a generic admin account, whereas I am logged in to the local desktop using my company’s AD account. Could that be the issue?

Also, I wanted more information about the concurrent execution of multiple tasks using the scheduling option.

any solution . even i am facing the same issue

i am able to solve now
Step 2 given below was missed from my side

  1. Provision the Robot in Orchestrator, which enables the Orchestrator to connect to Robot machine.
  2. Create an Environment (which I think you have missed creating)
  3. Publish the package from Studio (which you see in the packages tab of Orchestrator )
  4. Create a Process in Orchestrator. (Only after doing this you will see the process in the robot Tray)
  5. Once you create the Process you can either schedule the job under Schedules or can run the jobs on the Adhoc basis under Jobs
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My jobs were failing because the MaxReceivedMessageSize was more than the accepted standard for UiPath. I made changes to the config file, and changed my logs to “Information” from “Verbose”, and it started working fine.

Thanks for your help!



My bot is running with Orchestrator since 2 months. Yesterday, I got an error message mentioning '#schedule for #process could not start. The stream has been closed. ’
I cannot find anything related to this error anywhere. Also, it is not reproducible so I am not able to find the root cause.
Can anybody help?

Below is the screenshot of error:


where the config file