Error running UIRobot from task scheduler with "Run whether user is logged in or not"


I have create a simple console application that calls UIRobot.exe for the purpose of automation testing of a desktop application. It runs fine when I schedule it in Task Scheduler on a Windows Server, with the setting “Run whether user is logged in or not” turned off. However, since I would like this task to run even when the user is not logged on, when I check this setting, the task fails with the error “GetFeeds timed out”.

It will be great if anyone who has had success getting something similar to work when the user is not logged in, to share their advice.



Welcome to our uipath community.

If user not logged into the system then it won’t work. And also currently Uipath not supporting Windows Task scheduler.

For this you have to use Orchestrator and Unattended BOT then it will work.

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