Error report connecting Bizagi and Uipath


Recently, I’ve tried to connect Bizagi and Uipath, and I found the error because Uipath changed the way of setting tenant.
If I regularly register tenant using orchestrator like adding service, Bizagi failed authentication.(1)
On the other side, if I make a tenant in a old way like accessing to UiPath, I can make robots and upload uipath process in Bizagi, but I have no access after a while. (2)

I think is a criticial issue because Bizagi is already on advertisement about collaboration with Uipath.


Please solve the issue ASAP.


And it is the second picture


Have you been able to resolve your Bizagi / UiPath connection issues? I have also encountered trouble while connecting Bizagi to my cloud tenant.

No. I send message to bizagi community, but they didn’t answer.
I am gonna send email to Uipath.

I have this problem too.

Buen día, Tengo el mismo problema, no es posible conectar el modulo de UIPath de bizagi con el orquestador.

Quedo atento si alguien tiene la solución.

Every time I try to connect UiPath orchestrator through Bizagi UiPath connector, it’s showing “Connection status: Unexpected character encounter while parsing value:<.Path”,line 0 position "

I have used Connection URL as followed “UiPath”.

While I have used , it is showing invalid credentials

Any one has any solution to this?

I have this problem but no one give me a aswer…

I came to know it can not connect Cloud UiPath platform. I was able to connect on premises orchestrator and it’s working fine for queue and process connector.