Error received when attempting

When attempting session two of reboot your skills…trying to check the solution I get the below error message. Please advise…thanks

image|690x245](upload://4kgtPbyc5owcTEMCivdIy8JP6uf.png) n, feedback or concern here!

Hi @Robin_Perry, welcome to the forum!

Could you please upload the screenshot again? Seemed there was a problem and it was not uploaded.

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Here is the screen shot again.

Hi…following up, any suggestion for resolving the error?


I re-submitted the screen as requested but I have not received an email helping to resolve the issue…thoughts?

Hi Robin,

I’m sorry I left you hanging, it’s been a complicated week.

Are you using Outlook, Office365 or GMail?

I would like to ask you if you could do the following:

  1. Share a screenshot of your workflow
  2. Try updating the Mail activities package to version 1.10.4 (see Manage Packages documentation) and check if the error persists
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Thanks for getting back to me…I did update the mail activities package as you suggested. BUT…afterwards I’m getting this error message…not sure what that means?

  • Initially what I was trying to do was look at the solution of the example in the training scenario


  • So when I clicked on the file above I am getting this option to sign in but it is also giving me an error when I click Sign In.

Would appreciate any help you can provide.

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Robin, I would recommend you to join office hours to be able to share screen and directly check the problem.

You can check available office hours in this post: About the Reboot Your Skills category

Ok…sounds good.

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