Error reading the framework directory

Why is happening this error?, when I invoke another workflow, it showing this annoying alert

and besides I just drag and drop the workflow from the project activities, it appears in blank

How can I solve this?

Hi @JavRR

Could you please elaborate your question then it will help use to understand!!

It might be because the directory of the framework is changed.
Just delete that Workflow file and try placing it again in the same place
And let us know if it works

No. didn’t work.
I deleted the invoke activity, saved. Open again the workflow and placed it again, but still having same issue

What can I do in order to solve the issue on which I invoke a workflow activity but it appears “Error reading the framework directory”

I moved the file to another folder, and it is now working without that issue.
When the issue happened, the TakeScreenshot was under Framework folder, now it outside

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