Error Publishing Project to Orchestrator with deleted files

As the title suggests, I’m having some issues publishing my project to Orchestrator after replacing/deleting deprecated files that are no longer referenced within the project at all.

Initially in this process for example, I had Main, Process_A, Process_B, and Process_C, but after revision, I was able to narrow it down to Main, Process_AB, Process_C, and I’ve dereferenced Process_A and Process_B within the project. Whenever I try to publish my new version, I get the error: “The project has validation errors and cannot be published”

Again, the .xaml files it has validation issues with are not in the project anywhere anymore and they are deleted out of the root… Anyone know how to fix this?

You CANNOT manually delete the files in the file explorer…

Fixed by manually deleting the files out of the Project Explorer tab, but I was only able to do so by restoring the deprecated files in the root of the project first. Then I could delete the folder that contained them in my file explorer. Publishing no longer encounters errors.

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