Error - Protect call failed for provided string while creating/editing assets and Adding/editing Robot

Orchestrator shows error message "Protect call failed for provided string" while creating/editing assets and Adding/editing Robot.

The issue is mostly seen in below 2 scenarios :
1. After Orchestrator upgrade - when the Upgrade is performed of the Orchestrator and Encryption key is not copied from old web.config file.
2. Fresh Orchestrator installation but pointing to old database : When a Fresh Installation has been done and just the connection string is changed to point to the old Database. In such scenarios, the Encryption key in web.config will be different from the previous installation which will cause such failures. 

Solution : Please follow below steps :
1. Take a back up of web.config file.  
2. Copy Encryption key from old web.config file
3. paste the same in updated web.config file.
4. Save the file.
5. Restart Orchestrator website from IIS.