Error pop-up

Hello guys,

I am facing serious issue. During the job, the robot was trying to open a pdf file in legacy system. However, a window poped-up and the robot was not able to continue.

As the process is coded in RefFramework, meaning according to the best practice, the robot killed all processes, and restarted. Unfortunately, this pop-up stayed over all applications and blocked all the robots until someone noticed.

Is there any general approach how to clean all disruptors before the robot starts? Or the only solution would be finding the name of pop-up in processes and kill it?

Thanerror ks in advance.

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1.Restart the uipath studio
2.check you uirobot is connected with orchestrator
3.if it is possible to share you workflow …will check

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Please check the below link. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is not related to UiPath. It is related to Acrobat Reader. But after killing acrobatreader.exe all pdf were closed but this remained opened.
In the following runs, the robot was not able to click on anything.

If the jobs are started from orchestrator one solution for this would be to let robot signed out/logged off. In this case after each job end the session will be signed out and all apps will be closed.


We are not using Orchestrator.
You are saying that with Orchestrator after each job, all apps are closed automatically without using Kill process or Close application?

They are closed because the robot signs out of windows when it’s triggered from orchestrator

If the robot finds the session signed out/logged off it will leave it in the same way after the job is finished (all apps are.closed at sign out). BUT If robot finds the session active or disconnected (disconnected is when one user was logged in before with RDP and close the RDP window) it will leave it in the same way, so in this case applications will not be closed.