Error pop-up window reset

Hello. I have a LabVIEW application that runs on a computer that no one uses, and sometimes it can´t connect to the network and that causes an error, which pops-up an error window, and while that window is open the application doesn´t work, until I go to it and click an OK button. So, I need to make some kind of RPA that can detect when that error window is pop-up and “clicks the OK button for me”; I´m new at this, so does anyone can tell what kind of function should I look for in order to make something like it. Thank you.

Hey! Welcome to community…

We can use element exists or find element activity…

I’ll suggest you to use the element exists…

Take one element exists activity and indicate it on the element (Popup)

Create a Output variable in the properties panel for this element exists activity

The element exists activity will give us the Boolean value-Name of the variable is-boolEleExists

Take one if condition and pass the expression like this

boolEleExists = True

In then block use click ok button
In else block use the next process which is nothing but without popup what we have to do that we can keep it in the else block

Try this and let me know



you can use Element Exist select element “Ok”
then output of Element Exist you can use in If else condition
in then condition you can keep
click Activity to click ok