Error: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object

Hey Guys,

Attaching the screenshot. Do let me know if you have any idea about this error and if there is any possible solution.

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hello @Shruti_Shree
give more details, please so i solved this issue

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Hi @Shruti_Shree

I think you are trying to use Add data row so while specifying ArrayRow please convert it to ItemArray. Please use this syntax (Name, Email, Address,"").ItemArray.


HI @Shruti_Shree

You are using the normal brackets. Use the curly bracket β€œ{ }” when mentioning your variable array.
{ Name, Address, Phone, β€œβ€ }
or else, If you are using the normal bracket " ( ) " then use as explained in @Vijay_Kumar_C’s post


Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando for the solution!

Glad to hear… If it worked, please mark the appropriate answer as the solution too…

Thank you!

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