Error opening CurrencyConverter file

Hi, I tried opening the demo file (CurrencyConverter) available in lecture ‘Automate with StudioX’ but I get the following errors:

  • This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly
  • Studio closed the active project due to a critical internal error. You may retry to open the project.

Could someone please tell how to fix this?

Hi @Pranjal_Bathla

Could you maybe share a screenshot of your issue?

2021-04-06 11_15_36-PlaceholderWindow

2021-04-06 11_15_42-UiPath StudioX Community

Thanks a lot @Pranjal_Bathla
It was our bad.

The Academy team has already updated the sample file, but it might take up to an hour for it to reflect in the course, sorry for that!

You can retry downloading it in an hour, that should fix it.

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Thanks for the quick fix!

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