Error on VDI: "Could not cast or convert from System.String to UiPath.models.WorkflowFileinfo"

Hi All,
I installed UiPath Community version on VMware VDI and it doesn’t work.
Even when I simply created a procedure to open a “Hello World” message box, the error “Could not cast or convert from System.String to UiPath.models.WorkflowFileinfo” occurs.
Is there any solution for this issue? Thanks so much in advance.


Check for other activities whether rest are working or not.

If you facing problem in the message box activity alone, then share your workflow.

Hi Sarathi,

I simply created and run a workflow with a Message box showing “test” and the error occurs.
I made another one with Write line “test” and the error also comes up.
Is there any missing components (windows/.net) for such errors?

Check this link,