Error on selectors

Hi everyone I need help with my selectors on the web application that I am using. I tried making them stable and not using fuzzy but it doesn’t want to select the correct option.

Can you provide some screenshots or examples of what you are doing?

Hi @Anelisa_Bolosha1 ,
Can you share your Screen about UI where you want to select and your property of UI activity
You need change selector and attribute to correct
click activity


Hi everyone ,which one is the best option to close the tab?
This tab here or probably all the tabs opened:

Also do you have any idea why this won’t move to the inbox folder as i set up the condition?


if true it’s suppose to move that mail to the folder indicated but does not move it and this is the output:

Hi @Anelisa_Bolosha1

If you want to close the single tab then use close tab activity.
If you want to close the whole browser window then use close window activity.