Error on saving report from downward drop down pop pup menu

Using Web Recording to save report from downward drop down menu on clicking save as option , getting error on click activity for choosing save as option and type into activity to write path to save report . Attached are the screenshots for the steps :

Please help me at the earliest.

Thanks .

Hello @programmer,

Please use separate activity to achieve this. Please do not do web recording.

Let us know


I did web recording only, please suggest me how to without web recording .
It’s little urgent . thanks for help.

I would have made an example for you, but I am out of office. Let me try explaining some steps here,

  1. Take click activity to show options for save file, list will appear,
  2. Take click activity to hit a Save button from list.

I guess this would help you, kindly let us know


I tried these options , on clicking first save list appears but as soon as pick click activity to click on save as option the list disappear. I was not able to click on save as option from the list so I choose to do web recording .
Please suggest some better option for doing this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @programmer,

While you record, it will saved under the attached browser/window activitiy. But this pop up has it’s own container. So follow this step.

  1. Add “Attach window”
  2. In the attached window sequence click on the ‘Do you want*’(edit selector with *) text - Click Activity.
  3. Click the down symbol that next to the Save - Click Activity.
  4. Select ‘Save As’ button - Click Activity.
  5. Now save as window opened.
  6. You can you type into activity to enter your file name. Then click on save button.(if type into not work means try it in attach window activitiy)

Let me know if any doubt!